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Brief introduction of Kunlun Dongguan testing instrument

 Dongguan Kunlun instrumentation is located in Guangzhou at the junction of the beautiful Zhongtang Town, the company set up in 2006. Since 2009 products officially exported, annual export volume of over 500 million, company total sales each year about 50 million. The company covers an area of more than 5000 square meters, construction area of about 8000 square meters, the company existing staff more than 80 people, including 12 R & D department, 15 were in the sales department, production department 27 people, procurement, personnel, administrative, financial, and a total of five people, five people in the customer service department, after-sales department, 6 people, Beijing office 3, Jiangsu Office of 5 people, Foshan Office Services 2. All products are the company's independent research and development, to achieve the precision of the instrument, test results precision. The company's current products are: 1, rubber plastic testing instruments universal material testing machine, melt index apparatus (melt flow rate instrument), melting point tester, thermal deformation Vicat softening point temperature measuring instrument, cantilever beam impact testing machine, no rotor vulkameter etc..

Resistance to climatic test chamber 2, class environment, measuring instruments, constant temperature and humidity box, hot and cold impact test box, rain test chamber, ultraviolet light, xenon lamp, oven, aging box, high temperature and high pressure steam aging test box, vacuum box. 3, carton transport packaging testing instruments carton compression testing machine, ring pressure, vertical pressure, flat crush, marginal pressure strength test machine, monoplane wings drop test machine, transportation vibration table simulation. 4, an electronic gauge testing instrument wire and cable testing equipment, electrical and electronic products, materials, combustion performance testing equipment, mobile phone display computer testing equipment, plug and socket, switch life test device and a waterproof test equipment and so on. 5, rapid moisture meter, the specific gravity of the day of the beginning of this year, the company independently developed the two fully automatic equipment: automatic melt flow rate meter and the full automatic IZON impact testing machine. The company specializes in manufacturing all kinds of precision instruments, because all the instruments were produced since the sale, all instruments by customer demand for customized. Kunlun Dongguan instrument, detection of infinite possibilities.

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