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Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the second charge pile connection

 Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd. was invited to participate in the second charge pile connection assembly and materials Products Forum and Exhibition

On 12 September, Development and Reform Commission, Bureau of Energy, Ministry of Industry, Ministry of Housing and Urban jointly issued "Speeding up residential electric vehicle charging infrastructure construction notice":

This shows that the country recently from all directions to accelerate the construction of the charging infrastructure, by 2020, according to the guidelines issued by State Council on accelerating the charging infrastructure, basically built the car pile, smart and efficient charging infrastructure system ahead of deadline, to meet more than 5 million electric vehicles charging needs.

Four ministries jointly issued the "electric vehicle charging infrastructure development guidelines (2015-2020)" proposing 2015 to 2020, needing building new 3848bus station for the charge, 2462 charge station for taxi, 2438 charge station for sanitation, logistics and other special vehicles, 4.3 million charging pile for official car and private car users, 2397 the city public charging station, 500000 decentralized public charging pile, 842 intercity fast charging station.

At present, the ratio of new energy vehicles and charging pile is only about 3: 1, and there is still much room for development and distance from the 2020 plan 1:1; The problem that charging pile and charging facilities lag behind the overall work has come to the crucial stage.

In the future, with the rapid development of new energy vehicles, charging pile will also in technology and quantity speed up the pace, and there will be new enterprises into the charging pile construction. With the charging pile business model evolving, the introduction of the standard of new energy vehicles and charging piles, charging pile industry-related enterprises will also speed up the upgrading. The upstream and downstream enterprises of charging pile industry chain will face the upcoming big reshuffle phase. We need to urgently consider the issue.

Electric piling industry chain enterprise types are many and varied. Accessories enterprises include power module, charging gun and connectors, cables, charging pile circuit boards, electronic components, display, etc .; materials companies include charging pile shell material, internal fittings materials, cable materials, coatings, adhesives, additives, etc .; also includes testing enterprises, platform operators and service enterprises, equipment enterprises. The meeting is committed to creating a perfect charge pile industrial ecosystem, vertically integrating charging pile industry upstream and downstream enterprises, to build an all-round exchange platform.

Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument Co., Ltd, as a major representative of the domestic influential environmental testing equipment, plastic materials, testing equipment on behalf of the industry is the only invited to attend the testing equipment manufacturing enterprises


Scale500 people

Main Topics

Current Development Situation and Future Development Trend of Charging Pile

The Importance of Power Module in Charging Pile

The Technicality of Charging Gun under the New National Standard

Charging pile platform operation services and charging station solutions

Building flexible charging station / Talking about the connection of photovoltaic and charging pile / PV power station

Charges and accessories certification and standards

The Future of Electric Vehicles Charging New Mode: Wireless Charging

Selection criteria of electric vehicle charging pile

How to Build High Quality Charging Pile Insulation

Material and Forming Process of Charging Pile Cable

How to create a high quality rechargeable pile outdoor display

Standard for Material Certification and Testing of Charging Piles

Rechargeable pile cables for material requirements

Analysis of Charging Pile and Its Accessories Selection

New energy vehicles high - voltage line selection requirements

Introduction of new composite material for charging pile shell


Part of the invited enterprises

China Quality Certification Center


BYD Auto

Suzhou Automotive Research Institute, Tsinghua University

Shanghai Automotive Group Co., Ltd. Passenger Car Company

Shanghai Chemical Industry Research Institute

Kyushu Group


Akzo Nobel


Amphenol Technology (Zhuhai) Co., Ltd

People Fu Wo energy to new energy vehicles Limited

Dongfeng Yulon Automobile

Dongguan Taiwan bell electric vehicles

Shanghai, China field car

Shenzhen gifted new energy electric vehicles Limited

General Motors (GM)

Dongguan City, Kunlun Detection Equipment Co., Ltd

Universal new energy vehicles

Tesla Motors

Jiangsu Cape Electric New Energy

Chrysanthemum water Royal Technology Co., Ltd

Shandong Luneng Intelligent Technology Co

Shenzhen ABB New Energy System Co

ZTE Corporation

TUV Rheinland

NAND certification testing (China) Co., Ltd

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