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The China nuclear nine department purchase Kunlun testing machine

 Celebrating China Engineering Physics Research Institute (nuclear nine department) and Kunlun Testing Instrument cooperating successfully

The China nuclear nine department purchase Kunlun testing machine.

Recently, the China Institute of Engineering Physics purchase constant temperature and humidity room, tensile testing machine, xenon lamp test chamber, melt flow index tester and other testing equipment, and has successfully passed the expert acceptance. The success of this cooperation, and our company stand out in a large number of domestic manufacturers, won the bid with excellent performance, marking that our testing machine has been stable in the domestic first-class testing equipment business ranks.
China Institute of Engineering Physics is generally referred as "nine department", is China's only nuclear weapons development agencies. Because that it was ever part of the People's Republic of China Ministry of Machinery Industry and the Ministry of Nuclear Industry, it is formerly known as the "Second Machinery Industry Ninth Institute" and "Ninth Institute of Nuclear Industry."
China Engineering Physics Research Institute was founded in October 1958. It is nuclear weapons research institutions after China's founding and also is China's nuclear weapons development, production base. It is firstly located in Beijing and then the main project and production sector moved to Qinghai Golden Beach; developed and produced China's first atomic bomb. In 1970, the main project and production sector moved to Mianyang, Sichuan, distributed in the mountains of northern Sichuan. Now the headquarters is located in 839 area, Mianyang City, Sichuan Province, covering 5 square kilometers, also known as "Science City". Beijing, Sichuan Jiangyou, Chengdu and Shanghai has scientific research branch. There are 12 research institutes and 15 national key laboratories, mainly engaged in shock wave and detonation physics, nuclear physics and plasma physics, engineering and materials science, electronics and optoelectronics, radiochemistry and chemistry, computer and Computer mathematics and other disciplines of research and application. China Engineering Physics Research Institute has more than 8,000 employees, more than 2,000 senior professional and technical personnel.
China Academy of Engineering Physics has five key national defense science and technology laboratories, 12 research institutes, more than 100 research rooms and more than 30 production plants and more than 30,000 sets all kinds of advanced equipment
With fifty years development process of nine institute, it always adhere to the military demand traction, science and technology development promoting the discipline construction model, in the completion of important tasks the state gave, discipline construction has also made significant achievements. It is mainly engaged in shock wave and detonation physics; nuclear physics, plasma and laser technology; engineering and materials science; electronics and optoelectronics; chemistry and chemical; computer and computational mathematics and other disciplines research and application and has formed a complete range of professional, advanced equipment and technical support capabilities supporting the research and production base. In the 21st century, discipline construction and development is facing opportunities and challenges, and our hospital has taken the establishment of national defense science and technology key laboratory, and the National Natural Science Foundation of the establishment of a joint fund, with the well-known domestic universities to establish cooperation mechanisms to strengthen basic research and other measures for the discipline, provide a strong guarantee.
China Academy of Engineering Physics began enrollment from 1984. There are already more than 10 graduate training units (Institute of reserching, the Center), five key national defense science and technology laboratory, three postdoctoral mobile station. China Graduate School of Engineering and Physics is responsible for the unified organization and management of the graduate school training units of the admissions, training and degree grant work, and is responsible for the basic curriculum of graduate teaching management. There are nine doctoral degree grant professional and 21 master degree grant professional; there are 3 postdoctoral mobile station s of physics, mathematics, atomic energy science and technology, involving plasma physics, theoretical physics, particle physics and nuclear physics, condensed matter physics, applied Mathematics, Computational Mathematics, Nuclear Technology and Applications, Nuclear Fuel Cycle and Materials and other disciplines.
Dongguan Kunlun Testing Instrument company's plastic testing equipment, such as the melt flow index instrument (melt flow rate tester), digital Izod impact testing machine,Tensile strength tester,Charpy impact testing machine have been adopts by a number of domestic research institutions and national key experiments

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