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  Environmetal Test Chamber
 Thermal Shock Test Chamber      Temperature and humidity chamber      ultraviolet light test chamber      sand and dust chamber      waterproof test chamber      Ozone aging test chamber      Xenon lamp chamber    
  Flame Retardancy Test Machine
 Glow Wire Tester      Needle flame tester      Vertical horizontal burning tester      Tracking index tester      hot wire ignition tester    
  plastic pipes test machine
  plastic pipe resistance to internal pressure test      Falling Hammer Tester      Pipe Ring Stiffness Testing Machine      plastic pipe Drop hammer impact tester    
  Rubber Testing Machine
 Rubber Rotorless Curemeters      Lab Two Roll Mixing Mill      lab plate Vulcanizing Press      Mooney viscometer    
  Carton Box Testing Machine
 Carton Box Stack Test Machine    
  Tensile testing machine
 Tensile tester      high low temperature tensile tester    
  Impact testing machine
 Dupont impact testing machine    

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