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 Company Introduction:

Kunlun instrument (China) limited,was founded in 2000 years,our factory in Dongguan City Guangdong Province,is a high-tech enterprise that specified in develop and manufacuring all kinds of testing machine.More than 10 years,Kunlun always insisted on the road  of independent innovation and R&D. By virtue of the leading product technology and perfect quality system, good    quality services and productions meeting ASTM, JIS, ISO, IEC, UL, GB and other standards.


Products involved range:

1, Rubber plastic testing equipment universal testing machine, melt indexer (melt flow rate meter), melting point tester, heat 

distortion Vicat softening temperature tester, Izod Charpy impact test machine, no rotor rheometer Wait

2, Environmental testing instruments constant temperature and humidity box, thermal shock chambers, rain chamber, UV, Xenon weathering chamber, oven, aging me, high temperature and high pressure steam aging chamber, vacuum boxes, etc.

3,Carton packing and shipping carton pressure testing machine detection equipment, pressure ring, vertical pressure, platen, side compression strength testing machine, monoplane wings drop test machine to simulate the vibration table

4, Electronic safety instrumentation wire and cable testing equipment, electrical and electronic products combustion behavior of materials testing equipment, cell phone displays computer testing equipment, plugs and sockets, switch life test equipment, water testing equipment.

5, Rapid moisture meter, density meter and so on.


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