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Brand : KUNLUN
Model :
Description : High Quality Fully Auto melt flow indexer Apparatus MIX,Manufacturer,2.8 years produce experience,3.high precision


High Quality Fully Auto melt flow indexer Apparatus MIX 
2.8 years produce experience 
3.high precision 

  High Quality Fully Auto  melt flow indexer Apparatus MIX      
Features of High Quality Fully Auto  Melt Flow Indexer Apparatus MIX :
   ·multi-channel temperature control
   ·Five groups of platinum resistance sensor
   ·Five groups of heating control system
   ·High precision intelligent PID regulation
   ·Settable heating rate
The plastic melt flow indexer Apparatus MIX ideal for:
     Higher melting temperature engineering plastics
     poly aromatic sulfone
     fluorine plastic, nylon,etc
     Lower melting temperature plastics
     ABS resin, polyoxymethylene
      polycarbonate resins,etc
  The High Quality Fully Auto  plastic melt flow rate tester Apparatus MIX is widely used in plastics manufacturing, plastic products, petrochemical industries and related institutions, research institutes and inspection department.
Main technical parameters
    1.Extruding and discharging part
       melt flow tester Outlet diameter:                          Φ2.095±0.005mm                         
       Outlet length:                              8.000±0.025mm
       Plastic melt flow tester Charging cylinder diameter:         Φ9.550±0.025mm    
       Charging cylinder length:             152± 0.1mm
       Plastic melt flow tester piston rod diameter:                    Φ9.475±0.015mm                            
       Piston rod length:                        6.350±0.100mm
    2.Standard test load(a total of eight full weight)
    3.Plastic melt flow rate tester Temperature range:conventional room temperature——400°C(500°C optional)
    4.Constant temperature accuracy:      ±0.5°C
    5.Minimum temperature displayed:    0.1°C
    6.Plastic melt flow rate ratio Cutting method:                            manual or automatic cutting
    7.Plasticmelt flow rate experiment Temperature recovery time:             less than 4 minutes
    8.Printed:                                  a mini printer is used to print output automatically.
    9.Supply voltage:                              AC220V±10%   50HZ

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